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AH Fox CE 12 Gauge LIVE BIRD Historic Generals Pigeon Gun

Offered is a very high original condition Fox CE 12 Gauge factory Live Bird NO SAFETY shotgun.  This fine historic Fox was ordered by JW Keifer.  We have compiled some interesting history on the Honorable JW Keifer including his service as the YOUNGEST Union General in the Civil War and hs time as Speaker of the  US House of Representatives.  The shotgun is in FANTASTIC original condition with much case color remaining.  It has the FANCIEST figured wood of any original Fox Shotgun that I have seen.  Nearly all the barrel blue remains and the bores are excellent.  Original butt plate with a small chip at the toe. Factory choked cylinder and improved cylinder and no safety.  All features and dimensions are confirmed in the included Fox Letter.  Also included is some very interesting history on JW Keifer.  This is a one of a kind Fox with a very historic pedigree and in fantastic ORIGINAL condition.   See this link:

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